CfP: XIIIth Heloise Workshop, 26-27th September 2024, Warsaw

From East to West and back. Circulations of knowledge in pre-modern and modern Europe: actors, institutions and spaces.

Location: Centre for the History of Renaissance Knowledge, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences – Warsaw, Poland

Organizer: Prof. Valentina Lepri, Principal Investigator – ERC CoG n. 864542, KnowStudents; Head of the Centre for the History of Renaissance Knowledge.

Deadline: 5th April 2024

Studies of knowledge production have traditionally focused on academic teaching. Although the cosmopolitan nature of universities is well known, the impact of different cultures, minor figures, and peripheral centers and milieus on knowledge production has been less explored.

The aim of this workshop is to look at the production and transmission of academic knowledge from a broader perspective. This perspective would include intellectual phenomena and individuals that orbit the university system but are rarely directly connected to the production of knowledge in the various disciplinary fields.

Likewise, the temporal perspective aims to transcend conventional epochal boundaries in order to examine the universality of phenomena, patterns, and developments in the circulation of 2

knowledge. In this context, even contributions from the perspective of the 19th or 20th century would be conceivable, thus providing important reflective and comparative insights for the questions of the workshop.

Special attention should be given to the key relationship between European space/geography and knowledge production and/or between migration and education.

Within the framework of the workshop, we would like to address a number of questions, such as:

– Who were the actors other than academics in the production and dissemination of knowledge?

– What were the ways and criteria by which academic and student migration influenced university teaching?

– How did institutionalized arenas of higher education dialogue interact with non-institutionalized, private, and even forbidden ones?

The workshop will explore these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective, including approaches from a (digital) history of universities and knowledge as well as from the history of philosophy and the history of science, and set them in a European context. Contributions may include curricula, didactic programs, dissertations, and public speeches. They may also include private manuscript texts, such as letters, notebooks, and other documentary sources.

Atelier Heloise workshop 2024_CFP (PDF)

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